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International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is an international action shooting organization that promotes exciting matches that blend three basic elements of accuracy, power, and speed of competitors.

United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is a non-profit organization that oversees IPSC matches in the United States.
Tuesday Night Shooters
The Tuesday Night No.-Shoot is an informal group, gathering each week for the last 10 years, to locally promote IPSC, and train both experienced and new Shooters in basic practical gun handlings skills and IPSC competion.  TNNS operates under the most current USPSA edition of the rulebook.  The current rulebook is posted at www.uspsa.com

An IPSC stage may offer a challenging combination of multiple targets, moving targets, reactive targets, and "no-shoot" targets.  They are also likely to require you to draw from a holster, move between shooting positions, shoot from behind cover and shoot while moving.  One of the most challenging and exciting aspects is for the Competitor to solve the problem presented by the stage while getting a good score.

TNNS are people who enjoy shooting and want to do it faster and more accurately that the next person.  We are also interested in ensuring that these activities are conducted SAFELY and consider SAFETY everyone's most important priority.  To Meet this goal, TNNS matches are run on a cold range.

*  All guns are to stay unloaded until it is your turn to shoot.  There will be no magazines (full or empty) in semi-automatic pistols.

*  No gun handling at any time, unless within a designated safety area, or under the supervision of a Range Officer.

*  There will be no handling of live or dummy ammunition in a designated safety area.

*  You will only load your firearm when instructed by the Range Officer.

Whether you are a new Shooter, Male or Female, and  interested in advancing your gun handling skills or an experienced Shooter in some other shooting sport, here are the basics to get you started.

TNNS shoots are every Tuesday, excluding Holidays.

*The Range opens at 6:00pm for setup and Registration.

*Shooting starts immediately after setup.

*Tear down and Range cleanup must be completed by 8:20pm  ALL Participants are expected to help setup and tear down on a regular basis.

*If you are new to our group, please first check in at the registration desk for full safety and range orientation.

***TNNS supports participation by the Disabled shooting community in our sport.  The TNNS will do everything that can be reasonably  performed to enable shooters with disabilities to safely compete at our matches.

Orientations will be held on the night you come to shoot.  You must go thru the orientation.
On the match night, before you unload your Vehicle or start gearing up, go to the Registration table to sign in and talk with the Safety Officer.  They will go over the Range Safety rules with you and assign you to a Mentor Shooter that can help you throughout the evening.

WAIVERS  MUST  be completed each time you come to shoot, BEFORE you enter the range, whether you shoot or not.

If you are just starting out, there are several good sources for information on selecting your equipment.  Here is a brief summary of what they have to say.....

Pistol--To get started, all you need is a SAFE, serviceable semi-automatic pistol or a revolver that is chambered for 9mm Parabellum (a.k.a. 9X19, 9mm Luger) or bigger.

At your first match, you will see a wide range of pistols from Custom Guns costing thousands of dollars to basic service pistols.  Do not get psyched out by the Shooter with that high dollar custom gun.  You will be competing in a different equipment class.  What's more, chances are, that Shooter started out with something similar to what you have today.

Magazines or Speedloaders--you will need enough Magazines or Speedloaders to hold 20 to 30 rounds of ammunition.  While more is definitely better, three or four 10 round Magazines or Speedloaders will be enough to get you started.  Bring what you have, and enjoy the evening.  Division requirements of USPSA are not strictly enforced.

Ammunition--Bring or buy at least 100-150 rounds of ammunition chambered for your pistol.  This should get you through a typical practice session.

Ammunition Holders--If you don't already own holders for your Magazines or Speedloaders, pockets will work just fine until you figure out what you want.

Holsters--Almost any strong side Holster will work as long as it securely holds the gun and the trigger is covered when the gun is in the Holster.  (The retention and covered trigger are safety requirements.)  If you need to buy a basic Holster, one made of nylon or plastic is available on the sales floor.

Range Bag (or Bucket)--you will need something that will carry and handled all your gear in between the stages.

Additional information on IPSC shooting may be found at the following websites: